Our Services

Daylight and Sunlight.

We are regularly appointed by developers to provide daylight and sunlight advice to assist with the submission of planning applications, which includes prior approval applications, pre-applications, and full planning applications. Our services range from an initial high-level design steer on potential massing options to full assessments and calculations for daylight and sunlight. Once a scheme is frozen and ready for planning submission, we carry out our daylight and sunlight assessment in accordance with the Building Research Establishment Guide: “Site Layout Planning for daylight and Sunlight” and also the BS 8206 Part 2. We also provide advice to affected owners who neighbour a development site, where they have particular concerns over daylight and sunlight impacts they may suffer as a result of development.

Here at Schofield Surveyors, we have an industry leading team with well over 25 years of experience in dealing with daylight and sunlight matters adding commercial value to development sites.

We undertake preliminary daylight and sunlight appraisals and when appropriate, full technical assessments advising on complicated light issues throughout the planning process (Prior approval, pre-application and full application).

We offer a wide range of services for daylight and sunlight, which includes:

  • Design solutions and guidance to establish the best daylight and sunlight strategy at planning.
  • Bespoke building envelopes to steer the design toward acceptable daylight and sunlight infringements.
  • Cutbacks to demonstrate acceptable daylight and sunlight levels.
  • Detailed daylight and sunlight assessments and associated reports suitable for prior approval and planning submissions.
  • Solar Glare assessments
  • Overshadowing assessments
  • Mitigation solutions to maximise developable area
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA for the daylight and sunlight chapter
  • Expert Witness
  • Representations at planning committee
  • Planning Appeals.

In carrying out our daylight and sunlight assessments, we use cutting edge analysis software which enables us to provide advice with a high degree of accuracy where required.  

If you would like to speak with one of our experts regarding a project that you have, please do feel free to get in touch with one of our Directors, stephen.parker@schofieldsurveyors.co.uk for more information.