Our Services


Contract Administration.

We are regularly appointed by residential and commercial clients to administer building contracts. Often such an appointment continues from having designed and specified a project on a client’s behalf. When the project is on site we oversee the job through to completion. We administer contracts for a range of projects from simple external redecorations through to refurbishments and extensions.


We produce Specifications based on the “NBS” standard form. Schedules of Work that we produce are entirely bespoke to the client and property under consideration. With an in-house architect we are able of producing comprehensive drawings to support the specification.


We work with clients to address their requirements in terms of cost, time and quality. Based upon the client’s needs, we can recommend various forms of procurement which we can then administer on their behalf.

Employer’s Agent.

We are also able to offer Employers Agent services for projects that are procured using a ‘design & build’ contract. As an agent we would sit between the contractor and the client. Our pre-contract services would typically extend to co-ordinating the tender process, co-ordinating the novation of any consultants, collating the contract documents and implementing a change control process.

Project Monitoring.

We advise clients on the risks associated with a development and protect their interests in the development as it proceeds by providing impartial and objective assessments as it progresses. We also ensure the client is kept up to date with any changes to the development and any emerging risks.

Section 20.

For works funded through services charges, landlords are obliged to consult with leaseholders. Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended by S151 of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002) sets out the procedure’s landlords must follow. We regularly accept instructions from landlords and their agents to manage or assist with the statutory consultation process which involves serving notices on leaseholders at prescribed stages.

Fire Safety.

For building owners to be compliant with the legislation and requirements around fire safety they need to obtain periodic fire risk assessments. With our expertise as building surveyors, we can procure the necessary fire safety works arising from Fire Risk Assessments and or Compartmentation surveys and Statutory Enforcement Notices. We undertake a collaborative procurement co-ordinating, where appropriate, with the fire risk assessor, London Fire Brigade, Building Control Officer, fire safety contractors, etc. We prepare comprehensive specifications to describe the fire safety works which may comprise passive fire protection measures, replacement and or upgrading of flat front entrance doors to fire doors, the installation of fire alarms and emergency lighting, fire stopping etc.

Insurance reinstatement and valuation.

We provide a comprehensive range of services related to property reinstatement and valuation for both residential and commercial properties in cases of damage or loss.

As chartered building surveyors, our specialist knowledge is essential to facilitate communication between property owners or occupants and their insurance providers. Our goal is to ensure that damaged properties are accurately assessed, restored to their original condition with minimal disruption, and that all reinstatement work complies with regulations and meets the highest standards of quality.

We have the capability to oversee the entire reinstatement process, from defining specifications to final completion, or offer guidance and advice at any stage of the process. Additionally, we can independently provide reinstatement valuations for insurance purposes. We are available to work on behalf of either the insurance provider or the property owner/occupant affected by the damage.

Our services include, but are not restricted to:

  • The inspection of damage related to insurance claims
  • Advice on various issues such as floods, fires, collisions, subsidence, and more
  • Liaison and negotiation with loss adjusters on behalf of the insured to determine the necessary scope of work
  • Developing tender documents, which may include specifications and designs for full reinstatement
  • Coordinating a consultant team, which might involve professionals like engineers, architects, interior designers, and approved building inspectors
  • Management of the tendering process
  • Administering building contracts and monitoring construction work
  • Providing property reinstatement valuations for insurance purposes