Our Services

Rights of Light.

We act for both developers and neighbours in right to light matters. Rights of light can be a significant constraint and risk for a developer; we provide advice from the early stages of the design process to mitigate that risk. We can provide initial advice on potentially problematic sites to identify who may have rights and how a development may affect their property. Building envelope analysis is undertaken to assist designers and architects. We regularly undertake assessments of schemes to establish risk and potential compensation budgets, advice can be pre or post acquisition and pre or post planning and if necessary we are able to negotiate with any affected neighbours. We work closely with experienced insurance brokers to provide input on insurance options.

We provide advice to owners of properties that neighbour development sites on whether their rights may be infringed by a development and what to do if that is the case. We also provide negotiation advice where a neighbour has been approached by a developer looking to agree a Deed of Release of their rights.

We employ cutting edge analysis software to both create and analyse 3D models of development sites and surrounding properties. We are able to provide modelling based on accurate 3D point cloud survey data.