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Party Wall.

We have extensive experience acting for building owners and adjoining owners on a range of commercial and residential schemes. When acting for developers, we advocate early appointment in the design and procurement process to enable us to provide strategic advice on how to maximise the rights which the Act grants a building owner.  For neighbours, we are known for being robust and fair in the administration of the Act, ensuring that adjoining owners’ property interests are appropriately safeguarded.  We are also commonly appointed to act as an agreed surveyor between building and adjoining owners.

We are regularly recommended by leading solicitors and barristers specialising in property litigation for our expertise in the administration of the Party Wall etc. Act.  As such we often deal with complex ‘Act’ disputes.

Andrew Schofield is past Chairman and current Secretary of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club (which promotes best practice in the application of the Act). He writes and lectures widely on the application of the Act.  Jack Norton is on the RICS Boundaries and Party Walls Panel Working Group and drafted the 7th Edition of the RICS Guidance Note on Party Wall Legislation and Procedure. He is one of the panel of experts to present the RICS ‘Essential Update 2018’ on the updated RICS Guidance Note, Case Law and aspects on Neighbourly Matters.